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The Arts

Examples of work for magazines, non-profits, charities, corporations and individuals

The Arts


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“San Francisco Performances’
Creative PIVOT

Chamber Music Magazine

Building audiences ranks high on the list of challenges for arts leaders, who point to a lack of financial and staff resources, and information as the main barriers to increasing a loyal following. An established Bay Area presenter’s new series yields data-driven insights.

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“Joni Kabana: Compassion in Action”
Photographer’s Forum

The discomfort of the unknown is where “I feel most alive and my senses are fiercely alert,” says Portland photographer Joni Kabana. Traveling the developing world, she is most recognized for her images that bring to light the unfairness in global women’s health.

“Fire and Heart: Remembering Paco de Lucia”
Oregon ArtsWatch

Solo in front of a packed Vancouver, BC hall, he curled the melody through his fingers and strummed the rhythm within him. Paco carried his guitar from his Andalusian childhood to the world stage, transforming flamenco and transporting listeners.


“In the Woods with Carson Ellis”
Communication Arts

Carson Ellis constantly drew pictures as a child and grew up to become an award-winning children’s-book illustrator, whose images also grace the best-selling Wildwood Chronicles and albums for the indy folk-rock band, The Decemberists.


"Amanda Ringstad"
Communication Arts

You never know what you’ll see, looking through Amanda Ringstad’s eyes. Follow her around her neighborhood, and it could be as simple as the way two colors bounce off each other or as lucky as a great dumpster-dive find. It’s all inspiration for this Seattle illustrator.


"David Emmite"
Communication Arts

Rainbowed strands of yarn stream from an old radio’s speaker, and a jetpack propeller prepares a taxidermied mallard for flight. From props like these to product shots and portraits, GIFs and live-action video, nostalgia and satire run through much of Portlander David Emmite’s work.


"Molly Mendoza"
Communication Arts

She dips her brush in sumi ink and sweeps the kolinsky-hair fibers across the paper. Beginning with the hand-drawn and arriving at the digital, Molly Mendoza's illustrations are layered with pattern and texture. They verge on the frenetic and the abstract, while reaching deep into political and sensitive topics.


"Keith Carter: Imperfect Beauty"
Photographer's Forum

Themes of children, mythology, folklore, the anthropomorphic animal world, the religious aspects of people's lives, ordinary moments, and the places we go and how we live all speak in Keith Carter's photographs, imbued with reverie and memory, metaphor and hidden meaning.


"Sandro: From the Heart"
Photographer's Forum

It was Irving Penn’s photos in a magazine that did it for Sandro Miller. As a kid, he wanted to take pictures, too. Since then, Harley-Davidson bikers and Moroccan nomads, Michael Jordan and John Malkovich, among others, have posed before this award-winning photographer’s camera.


"Andrés Wertheim: Spectral Expression"
Photographer's Forum

Andrés Wertheim’s in-camera double-exposure photographs blend his images of art in museums with those of the people who are viewing it. This fusing of two different takes on reality speaks a visual dialogue of past and present, presence and absence, and seeing and being seen.


"Pop Goes the Oregon Symphony"
Oregon ArtsWatch

What do tango, Prince and “E.T.” have in common? The Oregon Symphony’s pops series. In its effort to appeal to a diversity of concertgoers, “[i]t’s no longer only ‘penguin-suited’ musicians playing your grandfather’s music,” as President and CEO Scott Showalter puts it.