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Philanthropy & Development

Examples of work for magazines, non-profits, charities, corporations and individuals

Philanthropy  &  Development


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Philanthropy Magazine

Nonprofit Spotlight: Alaska Native Science & Engineering Program

Thanks to philanthropic support, since 1995, ANSEP has inspired roughly 2,000 Native American students, from middle school to college, to explore education and careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM).

Cover - what comes next

Books in Brief: The Art of Being There: Creating Change, One Child at a Time

Born into a welfare family with alcoholic parents, Duncan Campbell created his own structure as a child, turning to mentors for help. He vowed to become wealthy, to help children like him. Today, his Friends of the Children serves thousands nationwide.


“There is More Than One Way to Give to Clark”
Clark Partners 

It took a near-fatal car crash for Dr. Carol Parker-Walsh, JD, PhD to make the decision that changed her life forever. For Brittini Lasseigne, growing up with poverty and domestic abuse shaped her in ways she never expected. Both women transformed their trauma into triumph, for themselves and others.


2016 Annual Report
The Oregon Community Foundation

OCF couldn’t do the great work it does without its many donors; and volunteer grant evaluators, Leadership Council members and professional advisors in Oregon, who generously give their money, time and talents to this philanthropic foundation, among the top 50 in the US. (I wrote pages 2-3, 7-8, 10-11, 14-16, 19, 22-23, 26, 28-29, 31 and 33.)


“Action Center: Global Awareness, Local Action”
Mercy Corps

A devastating typhoon, rebel attacks and fleeing refugees. Bringing awareness to crisis, conflict and transition in the world, the Mercy Corps Action Center relies on donations to educate and engage others through exhibits, lectures, films and workshops.


"Celebrating Generosity"
M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust

Every June, more than 400 public officials, community leaders and partners of this major philanthropic organization gather together to honor the legacy of its founder, Melvin “Jack” Murdock; and celebrate the Trust’s strong relationships with nonprofits and others throughout the Pacific Northwest.


"Living the Fighting Spirit"
Washington State

Having grown up on the reservation, Charles Hudson carried his Hidatsa values to WSU and eventually into protecting treaty rights for Columbia River salmon. His Many Dances Family Fund, named after his great-grandmother, pays tribute to her while serving those in Indian Country and beyond. 


"It's a Big World"

A small-town, economically challenged childhood doesn't often lead to international travel later on. But thanks to the Speedwell Foundation and AFS-USA, each year roughly 1,000 U.S. high school kids--who could otherwise never afford it--thrive in year-long student-exchange programs around the globe. 


“Juma Ventures”

At first, he said no. But Jonny Alejandre’s mother urged him to attend the Juma Ventures presentation at his high school. It changed his life. This San Francisco-based organization gives youth from low-income families jobs where they learn the skills to thrive in the workforce.