I've been a freelance writer since 1990, writing articles on a variety of subjects for local, national and international magazines. I also write for businesses and organizations in health care, the arts, community service, the environment and others. My consulting services and workshops on the creative process and skills of writing benefit anyone with a pen or keyboard at their fingers.

Curious and eclectic, I can find a compelling story almost anywhere. This takes a genuine interest in the subject, careful research and the right interview questions—and then facing that blank page and doing the work of telling it. For me, there are few greater pleasures.
"Claire Sykes's ability to poetically capture her subjects resonates with our audience. She unearths subtle nuances of character and process that provide unexpected insight into these creative individuals. Claire is professional and a pleasure to work with—a valuable combination from an editor's standpoint."

—Rebecca Bedrossian, Managing Editor
 Communication Arts Magazine
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