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Health & The Human Side of Bioscience

Examples of work for magazines, non-profits, charities, corporations and individuals

Health & the Human Side of Bioscience

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“Coming Out of the Dark

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“The Doctor is In”

From robots with videoconferencing to trucks with mammography machines, telemedicine brings urban health care to rural settings that face medical-specialist shortages. It’s the fastest growing area of health care, especially in the Northwest, and without it, things would’ve gone very differently for Amanda Peterson.


“From SAD to Glad”
Remedies for Life

Gone is the sunny warmth of summer. Breezes now carry a chill that makes you feel all gloomy. You may have seasonal affective disorder. One of the most common types of depression, SAD responds well to natural-medicine approaches, from vitamin D to melatonin.



“Awakening the Healer Within”
Remedies for Life

Once again, it’s an overtime day and an underslept night. If only you could wind down and unplug. Enter qigong, a moving meditation similar to yoga that combines simple, repetitive gestures with relaxed, purposeful breathing and a present-focused mind. The health benefits abound.

“Ebola: Working Toward Treatments and Vaccines”
Pharmacy & Therapeutics Journal

Since its discovery in 1976, the Ebola virus has killed thousands of people. Oregon State University’s Patrick L. Iversen, Ph.D. gives a microscopic view of the antiviral his research has revealed, one of the world’s leading, aimed to fight this lethal disease.


"Time- and Temperature-Controlled Transport: Supply Chain Challenges and Solutions"
Pharmacy & Therapeutics Journal

Who would dare sell unrefrigerated meat or outdated cartons of milk? Yet that's what happens to billions of dollars of pharmaceutical products every year, risking the health and very lives of people around the world. Here's how drug companies, research scientists, shippers and others in the industry are dealing with it.

Evangelical_Spring 2017_Magyar story copy.jpg

“Extinguish the Pain”
Every Day Magazine

Volunteer firefighter Michael Magyar charged into the burning house searching for victims. He quickly became one himself, and faced months of excruciating pain before he finally received the correct diagnosis. 

“Whole Hearted”

A sudden trip to the ER revealed a heart condition that Paul Harris must live with for the rest of his life. Living with him is the miniature wireless heart sensor implanted in his chest. It’s just one of the latest in cardiovascular technology.

Screen Shot 2017-06-08 at 6.00.21 PM.png

“Robotic Surgery’s Helping Hands”
Healthy Connections

If you ever need surgery, the doctor operating may not be standing right next to you. Instead, he or she could be seated a few feet away, using a computer to guide small instruments attached to a robot, with help from a tiny camera inside of you.


“Go Easy on Yourself”
Energy Times

So many of us beat ourselves up when we’d never treat someone else that way. Self-compassion researcher Dr. Kristin Neff, PhD and neurosurgeon Dr. James Doty, MD explain why; and how we can show more kindness to ourselves, thereby benefiting our health.



“Putting Motion Where Your Mouth Is”

It lets us converse with others, sing along to the radio and play a flute. Without it, we couldn’t taste that chocolate cake and lick our lips. But since when can a tongue open a door, operate a wheelchair or type?