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Business & Community

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Business & Community


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Costco Connection

“Road-tripping in Style”
The Costco Connection

William Bowlus, who oversaw construction of Charles Lindberg’s Spirit of St. Louis airplane, also designed the first aluminum travel trailer. Carrying on his legacy, today Bowlus Road Chief LLC adds luxurious innovations to the original.


“A Rewarding Performance”
Clarkson Magazine

Cyrus Schenck played with Legos and flew a plane before he could drive a car. But what the boy loved best was skiing. Years later, he founded RENOUN, builders of skis made with a non-Newtonian fluid, leaving fresh tracks in the ski industry.

Marcus Swanson

“Muscle Man: Swanson Studio”
American Photographic Artists

Now in its 25th year, this Portland, Oregon-based photography firm “captures the focused intention, in both still and motion, of beautiful moments in athleticism, sports lifestyles and physical activity,” says Marcus Swanson, owner of Swanson Studio.


“A Diversity of Divinities”
The Grinnell Magazine

The multicultural and progressive student mix this college is known for also embraces (perhaps surprisingly) its strong religious and spiritual communities—from Shabbat Dinners and the Black Gospel Choir to the Quaker Friends Silent Meetings and Hindu gatherings.


“An Experience to Remember”
Communication Arts

Whether street action or interactive displays, experiential marketing encourages people to engage their senses in a dialogue with a company’s brand. Wieden+Kennedy, Swanson Studio, satis&fy and others describe how they’ve inspired creatives, intellectually and emotionally, while also building community.


"Co-opting Competitors"
Model Retailer

It’s called “coopetition,” that delicate balance of working both with and against one’s competitors. This article explains how to do just that, within all areas of business, resulting in complementary retail relationships that make everyone a winner.


"Share the Load"

Profitable store owners know it’s important to delegate, and they do it well. But it's not so easy to turn things over to someone else. This how-to article offers ten questions to help readers examine their own capacity to delegate, and eight tools they can put to use right away.


"Right on Q"
Discover Life

Who can resist the citrus-and-miso vinaigrette accents of the Nori-wrapped Hawaiian Walu or the Pecan Crusted Catfish's nutty, sweet edge? And then there's the boozy swoon of the Tiramisu, with pistachio-biscotti crumbles. These and more await adventurous tastebuds at Portland, Oregon's Q Restaurant & Bar.


“Liz Von Hoene: Southern Charm”
American Photographic Artists

Flip through magazines like O, Marie Claire and New York and you’ll likely see Liz Von Hoene’s photos for clients such as Nieman Marcus, Kate Spade and Macy’s. Her models, props and lighting act out playful, yet refined, dramas about their brands and products.


“Trailing Truffles”
Colby Magazine

The forests of Washington’s Cascade Mountains carry the scent of pine and damp earth, and if you’re a dog named Lolo, also black truffles. Alana McGee sells them from her Seattle-based Toil & Truffle, dedicated to canine training in everyday behavior and sniffing out the tasty fungi.


“Andina: From Peru with Love”
Oregon Stater

Savory aromas waft from plates of tapas and conversations mix with the breathy melodies of pan pipes here at Andina, in Portland, Oregon. Owners John Platt and Doris Rodriguez de Platt celebrate a culinary marriage of traditional South America and cutting-edge Pacific Northwest.  


“Relationship Selling: The Tie That Binds”
Retail News

Consumers are no longer buying the illusion of integrity from a salesperson who dishes out a high-pressured sales tactic. When you focus on customers’ needs, first, instead of the product, you’ll more likely earn their trust, letting your rapport with them drive the sales process.


“Color Coding”

They send our emails and run our cars, but how do computers actually work? Find out, or just have fun, with Turing Tumble. Part puzzle, part game—with no electronics—this educational toy for all ages looks like a cross between a pinball machine and a Rube Goldberg contraption, taking a novel approach to teaching coding.